Check out these yoga essentials!

    As more and more people are choosing to practise yoga at home, here’s a little something to make you more comfortable, equipped and stylish in your own space.  Amp up yourself and your home yoga corner with these gear and tools to keep you in the Om-zone! 


    1. Heat keeper

    Stay warm while your body cools down in savasana with the Cotton On Body Gym Bomber Jacket (RM124). The lightweight outerwear has a perforated details on the side to keep it fun and flirty along with two spacious front zip pocket to keep your phone or iPod.


    2. Show-off tank

    Bare your midsection in the comfort of your own home. This Mesh Panel Floral Crop Top from Ivy Park (RM189) means no more tugging or tucking your shirt for inversion. It has an elasticised chestband to fit you well and designed with a material that will ease your movements while keeping everything in place.


    3. Pad with personality

    Brighten up your space with the colourful Lululemon Reversible Mat 5MM (RM288). The Polyurethane fabric gets grippier as you sweat and it absorb moisture so you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding. Plus, this mat is made with an antimicrobial additive to help prevent mould and mildew. Just like your clothes, clean this mat after practice with warm and soapy water and just hang to dry!


    4. Band aid

    Use the Under Armour Training Mat Strap (RM69) to assist your twist and binds, then take the time for a long, deep stretch before you cool down. This adjustable strap doubles as a yoga mat carrier too!


    5. Power tights

    Ivy Park Mesh Panel Floral Mid Rise Ankle Leggings (305) will stay put as you bend and reach, while the mesh keeps you cool for extra sweaty session or even a class out in the park. And what’s not to like about the overall monochrome floral print? (Take my money!)


    6. Sleek support

    The light but sturdy Lululemon Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block (RM68) is great when used as a support during poses to support the head in a forward bend pose, or to lift you into a seated twist pose. You can choose from three height options for a better and customised support.


    7. Strategic bands

    Annoyed with flyaway hairs every time you’re in a downward dog or forward fold? Then grab yourself a pair of colourful headbands for a quick fix! The Women’s Under Armour Wordmark Headbands (RM59) has a grippy silicon strip underneath for secure to ensure a stay-put performance.

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