• How To Prevent Dry Hair

    Tips on how to get your hair looking its shiny best.

    Days spent cooking under the sun or swimming in salt or chlorinated water can take a toll – and start a vicious cycle: the more parched and straw-like hair gets, the more prone to damage it becomes. “Dry strands are more porous, so oxidising UV rays penetrate faster, fading colour and leaving hair feeling fried, says Jet Rhys, a stylist in San Diego. To rehydrate, use a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner regularly. Then, before heading outside for the day, spritz strands with a leave-in treatment that contains UV filters to help shield hair from harmful rays.

    Soften tresses with a deep conditioner, once a week. If they still feel dehydrated post-styling, smooth that same conditioner on your ends. “Coating the damaged cuticles allows them to lie smooth, so hair looks much healthier,” says Rhys. Another must for keeping damaged ends in check: scheduling regular trims with your stylist.

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