Read our review on this home microdermabrasion device!

    “When I was asked to test out the Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion, I was concerned. Having sensitive skin was the sole reason why I’ve never tried out salon skin and facial treatments, and this product offers exactly that – a microdermabrasion technology you can use at home that is commonly found in professional beauty salons. Nervous and excited at the same time, I was ready for my first ever session after charging it overnight. Upon the first contact with my skin, I was a little shocked, for the vacuum-like suction was unexpected. It might sound a little strange, but what the Air Lift System does is, it massages the skin for your blood to circulate, as blood flow increases, oxygen and nutrients are pushed to the surface of the skin, leaving you looking fresh and glowing.  It also has an exfoliating tip that  removes the skin’s first layer, which was what had fueled my concern in the first place. But after a little research, I found that by removing the upper layer of the skin (which mostly consists of rough and flaky skin), it stimulates the growth of new cells to firm up the skin while acting as a face lift. After five minutes of circulating it around my face (which was the recommended usage time) I switched off the machine and mentally prepared myself for the outcome. Clear, soft and glowing skin was what greeted me in the mirror. I was astounded! The device promised that you’ll be able to see results immediately after a session, and I got just that. The last time my skin was  this smooth and clear of blemishes was during my pre pubescent years, but what shocked me the most was that my acne scars were gone, leaving me feeling like I’m in a completely new skin, pun intended. My dewy and glowing skin lasted for a month after the session, but just five minutes with the machine and my skin was looking fresh and revitalised again. I even go makeup free as my skin tone started to look even after a few sessions. All in all, dull and blemished skin wasn’t a part of my worries again the moment I was introduced to the Philip VisaCare Microdermabrasion.” – Batrisyia Jay, editorial assistant.

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