Style up that pony tail!

    Pony tails aren’t boring. Give this gym style staple a little lift with these easy twists on the traditional tail.


    1.The Double


    For a really bouncy look, you’ll actually need to create two tails, one right under the other at the crown, says Kristan Serafino, a celebrity stylist in New York City. For extra fullness, spray dry shampoo, such as the RahuaVoluminuous Dry Shampoo (RM149, sephora.my), into the ends of each tail.


    2.The bubble

    Begin by pulling your hair back into either a high or low ponytail. Now take smaller elastics and secure the hair every two to three inches along the entire length of the tail. Gently pull the sides of each two-to three-inch section so it takes on a bubble-like shape. Optional : coloured elastics.


    3.The French

    Gather just the hair in back of your head into an elastic, even with the ear line. Next, sweep the remaining hair to one side and French braid it, securing the ends of the braid with a clear elastic. Last, wrap the free portion of the braid around the first elastic and slide in bobby pins to hold the wrap in place.

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