Check out these sports bras!

    Do you know that your breasts movement can range from 4cm during a walk to 15cm when you’re running? Research from the University of Portsmouth says that constant multi-directional movement of the breasts when you’re engaging in a high-impact activity can cause breast pain and lead to sagging. This is why you should wear a well-fitted sports bra when you’re working out!

    A sports bra that fits well should hold your breasts in place while reducing bounce and movement without making you feel uncomfortable. This collection, Triaction by Triumph, is both functional and fashionable and here’s why we love them! 


    1. Control Lite

    Perfect for high performance activities where you’ll need the most support, this bra is all that and more because it also looks awesome! We love the dynamic red to this city camouflage print. The 3D Powertech innovation, and three layers of anti-bounce control in this piece also keeps you stable while providing support. And, we like that the fabric is lightweight and even after a high-intensity sweat session, you stay dry!

    When we say that it’s highly supportive, we mean it.  This bra comes with versatile, ergonomic straps. You can wear it like how you would a normal bra. Or, you can cross the straps for an even better support, especially when on a serious plyometric training. The comfort wire also prevents digging-in and chaffing.


    2. Magic Action


    This sports bra, with the award-winning Magic Wire Air innovation provides the best mix of comfort and superior support. We like that the smart fabric also provides antibacterial and moisture management with good breathability. The padded sports bra with soft touch wire contours your curves as well. It has a 83% overall bounce control test rating!



    And, it’s has a pretty cross back design with adjustable straps too!


    3. The Fit-ster Short


    You can match the sports bra with these shorts as they do come in matching colours. The performance fabrics are lightweight, and it’s easy to move around in them.

    Check out the full range at all Triumph boutiques and counters across the country, or get them online at my.triumph.com 



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