Learn how to dress your slimmer figure!

    Finding the right clothes when you’ve lost weight can be tricky. You don’t want to hang on to your big, old clothes as you want to embrace the slimmer you. Read on for the best  tips on ways to dress when you weigh less from New York City stylist, Kim Naci:


    1.Get fitted for a new bra

    Getting a bra that is the right size for you does wonders to your body as it emphasises your shape. What’s more, if you have a bad posture then it’s probably because you have the wrong bra size on you, and readjusting the straps to make it fit doesn’t count. So feel free to get advice from a good fitter at a mall near you. Otherwise you’ll look saggy and your clothes won’t hang right, Naci says. “Plus, you’ll feel more confident with a fitted bra,”.


    2.Shop for colour blocking apparels

    Shop for tops, pants and dresses with colour blocking, “Those colour sections are strategically placed to make you look taller and thinner,” Naci says. If you’re not ready to go bright and bold, start off with neutrals instead. Now neutrals doesn’t mean you’d have to stick to skin-toned nudes, neutrals can be black, white, gray, brown or even navy blue. All you have to do is to play with the tones to pull off the look.


    3.Get the perfect jeans

    There are dozens of fits and styles, but don’t panic. Instead, follow these shopping strategies:

    1. The darker the rinse and the straighter the leg, the longer and leaner you’ll look.
    2. Stay away from low-rise styles, especially if you have excess skin around your middle, choose jeans with a mid to high waist instead.
    3. Pick jeans that have at least 2 to 3% spandex so they’ll hold their shape on you.”It’s critical to make sure jeans fit in the butt and thighs,” says Naci.
    4. Choose a pair with interesting stitching or seaming on the back pockets; those details will help minimise your butt.


    4.Invest in a fitted jacket

    “Structured pieces pull you in and adds definition to your shape,” says Naci. The architectural shape of a fitted jacket makes any outfit appear extra polished. Plus, the heightened shoulders create definition and slims down your torso. Have a tailor shorten the sleeves to three-quarter length, which will highlight your waist.


    5.Get wrapped up in a dress

    A wrap dress is your go-to piece if you’re still losing weight, because you can tie it smaller as you shrink. The flattering, asymmetrical cut of wrapped dresses is a pro at ‘whittling down’ your waist and hiding trouble spots. Fit-and-flare dresses, which are popular now, are flattering for any body type out there, says Naci. “The design offers the ideal slimming proportions,”.


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