Go from short to long minus the awkward transitions with these simple steps!

    Are you opting for a longer hairstyle next year? Growing out short hair to get to a length that you’re craving for comes with challenges (oh, we understand the struggles especially when you’re at that awkward transition where you can’t let it loose nor tie it up!).  If getting to long, lustrous locks is one of your new year resolutions, here are some pointers on how to reach your mane goal. 


    1. Make small changes



    Change the length of your hair in stages. If you’re starting out with a very short layered style, make your next look a short bob just below the ears, and progress to chin-length bob from there. Discuss the styles you’d like to explore with your hairstylist and workout a timeline for each stage.


    2. Get regular trims


    Trim your ends regularly while waiting for your top layers to catch up. Also, get your hair stylist to maintain your style’s overall shape while waiting for your shorter layers to catch up. This will help to get things in check.


    3. Treat your hair at home


    Keeping your hair healthy and conditioned will keep the breakage and split ends at bay. Look for a deep, protein-rich conditioning treatment to keep your locks looking their best.


    4. Style style style


    If your hair is frizzy, work in a smoothening serum to damp hair. Then use a narrow, flat iron to smooth it out. Want volume? Apply a voluminising product or style as you like with a gel to give your locks a spiky or just-out-of-bed look. Applying these basic styling skills can help keep your growing hair looking its best.


    5. Be Gentle


    Avoid using heated appliances daily. If you absolutely must straighten your hair, be sure to use a product that will help protect it from heat-induced damage.


    6. Part your hair differently


    Giving yourself a new look while waiting for your hair to grow out can be as simple as parting it at a different spot. If your parting is from left to right, then try parting from the middle, or right to left. This will change the overall shape of the hair around your face.


    7. Wear Accessories


    When your hair is at an awkward stage, accessories like headbands, embellished hair pins, and barrettes can be your best friend. Headbands can help a great deal when you’re growing out bangs, while fun clips can help keep stray hairs in check.


    8. Cover Up


    A chic hat, bandana, or scarf can come to the rescue on bad hair days when nothing else seems to work. With so many flattering choices available, you can easily pick a style for any occasion.


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