WIN! A Power Oxygen facial treatment by Skeyndor!

    14 will each win a Power Oxygen facial treatment by Skeyndor worth RM420!



    Prevent contamination and increase oxygenation on the skin with Skeyndor’s brand new creation, Power Oxygen. A perfect solution for suffocated or stressed, Power Oxygen is Skeyndor’s advance research into how to slow down harmful effects of pollution on the skin to increase oxygenation. There are two protectors against pollution in Power Oxygen; PM2.5 filter that immediately protects and cleanses the epidermis from contaminations, and an environmental shield that limits intra- and extracellular damage with the help of the global protective barrier. Power Oxygen also helps to eliminate toxins and oxygen free radicals, and increase defences and re-establish the
    skin’s beneficial eco-flora.


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