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    My WEEK 3 on the 21 Days To A Better Body programme by PurelyB has just officially ended. But, I don’t feel like it has because I think that I have somewhat picked up from where I’ve left before I got on the programme. So, that’s a good thing. What’s better is that I am more aware of myself – you can say that I’m more sensitive to my body’s call, and that keeps me in check. This is how WEEK 3 was for me. 

    Listening to the body

    If anything, we should strive to achieve self awareness. It sounds big, but it really isn’t. To put it simply in the context of this programme, it’s about putting your mind into your exercises, food and thoughts, and noticing the effects they have on you both physically and mentally. What does it do for you? How does it make you feel? Do you feel great or sick? Listen to your body. Eventually, the answers will guide you to craft a lifestyle that is best for you. For me, that awareness definitely came in the form of the food I chose to eat in relation to how I felt. Because I kept a record of my meals, it was easier for me to trace back to what made me feel ill, what kept me fuller, longer, what made me happy but sick, what kept me happy and well.

    I love sea salt a bit too much for my own good.

    For an example, salty foods ( I love sea salt!) make me really happy but it also causes so much water retention that I add on 3 to 4KGs within 12 hours at any one time. Now that I’m aware of why I feel bloated and ‘fat’, I can actually trace it back to the salty foods I’ve been consuming and do something about it. I already know that sugar affects my weight and makes me feel sluggish and leaves me with an awful addiction. So, I’ve been careful with it. Knowing that, helps me to keep away from these triggers more successfully.

    This week has also been filled with physical activities as I was on a beach holiday. Again, there was no real struggle of the mind to get me to be active – I was all over the island, climbing, running and swimming to my heart’s content! But I also made sure that I took time to slow down because I tend to get carried away with the momentum of things. So, I made it to the early morning sunrise, sat by the rocks and listened to the sound of water splashing and watched tiny crabs move away as they sensed my presence.

    Finding yourself

    In summary, if you’re looking into getting to know yourself a little better or even trying to reconnect with yourself, this is a programme that you can consider taking up. However, for it to work, you need to stick to it. Or be guided by it – because we are all different – with different commitments, health profiles and abilities. I’ve used it to suit my lifestyle, food preference and time. I simply made sure that whatever I did, it was within the perimeter of what’s talked about or recommended in the programme. So, you can make it work for you, your way!

    Here’s my WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 on the programme. Now, let’s go get acquainted with yourself!


    Jay Jayaraj – deputy editor 

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