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    My Week 2 on the 21 Days To A Better Body programme by PurelyB is probably the hardest. Not that the plan or advice given by the creators, Marissa Parry and Carina Lipold differed much from Week 1 but personally, I found it challenging to manage my time between eating well and a really busy week at work. Here’s what my Week 2 looked like. 


    The challenge

    Now that I wasn’t getting any more meals from Raisin’ The Roof like I was in Week 1, Week 2 proved to be really, really challenging, to say the least. This meant that I was cooking. Not one, not two but every one of my meals. I know I could have ordered some of my meals from the many healthy cafes in Petaling Jaya but I needed to cook. I needed to bring in fresh ingredients and work with them for healthy, nourishing meals. And also, to get myself back on track when it comes to food – because that is the whole point of me getting on this programme in the first place.

    So, to get motivated, I took out one of the e-books that came with the programme. This book of over 40 recipes covered everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to desserts and snacks. As I flipped through the pages, I picked up some recipes for the midday and evening meals. I have to say that I didn’t have the time to explore my creativity in the kitchen – so I simply worked up a big batch of easy-to-make dinners such as sardine wraps, herbed pastas and eggs wraps. Yes, eggs! They’re so easy to work with, delicious and filling – just make sure that you get the free-range ones. It also helps to keep a food diary so you know what you’ve eaten on a daily basis. The programme also comes with food tracking sheets for the whole of three weeks.

    I didn’t eat like this everyday but I did prepare an enjoyable meal whenever I could. This is Tabouleh with pan-fried salmon.

    On the workout front, again, I had no issues there. For me, working out is a form of release. It’s a de-stressor and I really look forward to it daily. During this week, I managed to get a variety of workouts, at different places in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, as I reviewing some classes and shoes. So, I went from running and hot barre to trampoline, step and body-toning classes. I also managed to fit in a trail run on Sunday, so that was pretty sweet.

    I joined the Bottled Hope 5km trail run by Pernod Ricard Malaysia at the Malaysia Argo Exposition Park Serdang, and enjoyed the event.


    Remembering to breathe

    Since it was a rather stressful week at work, and I was almost always rushing from one place to another daily, I was forgetting to take time off for deep breaths – or simply a few minutes to close my eyes and release the string of tension I felt in my head. Admittedly, I wasn’t too happy about that. This mindfulness thing was bothering me a little – and the programme is about tackling that side of things too. Although I did take a few moments every now and then to breathe in long and slow, I felt like I needed to completely create a break for myself from the fast-paced, high-energy activities around me in this week. I think that’s my problem right there; I don’t know how to stop. And I tend to take things to the opposite extremes, endangering balance and everything I worked so hard for.


    I did none of this type of meditation on Week 2. But I did take a few moments to breathe in long and slow throughout the day.


    Well, I lost 0.5kg on Week 2, but my real progress was in saying NO to the foods I was aiming to avoid while cooking for myself and making the right choices when I was eating out or with the family over the weekend. So, I’m pretty happy about that. Now, there’s another week to go…

    Read about my Week 1 HERE!

    Jay Jayaraj – deputy editor. 

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