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    I finally got around to testing out PurelyB’s 21 Days To A Better Body programme. Created by fitness & nutrition experts, Marissa Parry and Carina Lipold, the programme provides the tools you need to kickstart your health journey – for a better body and mind. I suppose it also works for those who want to get back on track with their healthy journey. So, upon signing up, I received two e-books. The first book contains comprehensive fitness, nutritional and life coaching guidelines and exercises. The second, is a recipe book with over 40 easy-to-prepare meals under 30 minutes which are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I don’t think I was hesitant to begin the programme but I did feel a little pressured. What if I find it too hard to keep up. Or, what if I get too hungry from a certain food withdrawal that I give in and end up eating more than I should? Well, those were my worries. Here’s how Week 1 went by. 


    The ultimate goal

    I know I’ve detoured in the clean-eating department lately due to work and travel, so my main goal getting into the programme is to reinstate my eating habits to how it was before. I’m no stranger to clean, mindful eating. I’ve mostly cooked for myself and was also always finding and creating healthy recipes that made eating joyful. But no one’s perfect – life happens, and sometimes we get derailed. So, I’m using this programme to get my eating in order.

    My concern is largely on the desserts and unnecessary carbs I’ve been turning to in the last few weeks – kuehs, buns and instant noodles. Yes, I know they aren’t good for me, but it’s so easy to take the easy, lazy way out especially when you’re tired and pressed for time. And, I also want to tackle that deeply disturbing sugar craving that I’ve been experiencing lately. So, yes, I want to put a stop to it, and start cooking more for myself.

    Craving for these has to go.

    While at it, my other goal is to lose 2kg in 21 days – I think it’s a smart, doable goal, provided that I eat clean as I really think this is an area that I truly need to work on. Exercising isn’t a problem for me – I do work out three to four times a week. Since I want to lose a couple of kilos for that beach holiday in the near future, I plan to increase my workouts to four to five times a week.


    The progress

    Frankly, following the programme has been easy this week. For one, I didn’t have to cook – at least for the first five days, as it came with two meals and a snack –  cooked, packed and delivered to my doorstep daily by Raisin’ The Roof. All I did was have my usual breakfast of a green smoothie, and follow up with the meals. That was easy keep up with.

    The Curry Laksa was very enjoyable.

    The meals I received were simple, filling and delicious. There was the rendang bowl, a delightful gluten and dairy free dish, made with sweet potato and eggplant, and served with brown rice. And there was even a curry laksa (served with brown rice noodles) on one day – just with the right spices and flavour, it was so good! I had remind myself that I was actually still on this programme! It just shows that healthy eating isn’t limited to kale and cucumbers – you can tweak your favourite local recipes to make it healthier and to suit your palate. It helps you to keep on the journey. The meals also included protein-high foods like eggs, chickpeas and mushrooms.

    Dinner: Strawberry and yellow lentil salad.

    I also amped-up my exercise routine a bit on this week by including some bodyweight training. As  have a few physical limitations due to a neck-shoulder injury, I focused more on my lower body and worked my upper body on modified exercise moves. The programme encourages HIIT workout and comes complete with video demonstrations by coach Marissa Parry on the PurelyB website.

    Now, after a week, I’ve lost 1kg. How’s that for progress.

    Looking forward to cooking for myself in Week 2!


    Jay Jayaraj – deputy editor.








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