With endless barrage of alerts, text messages, tweet, calls, calendar invites, and email that we get, it’s no wonder our phones are top source of hidden tension. These are three ways to dial it down.


    1.Power off an hour before bed 


    “That’s my advice,” says Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., a professor of psychology. Michigan State University researchers found that using smartphone for work late night interferes with shut-eye and leaves you less engaged at the office. Use your phone to wake you up? Switch to cheap alarm clock instead.


    2. Talk, don’t text 


    If you need to discuss something with another person, sit down with him or her rather than calling or texting. In a study from Bringham Young University, women who tried to work out differences or apologise via text had poorer relationships than those who didn’t. But affectionate messages are fair game. The researchers found that those boosted couples’ happiness.


    3. Stop making yourself crazy 


    “When someone doesn’t reply to your text or email, it can feel like you’re being excluded, and that can upset and offend you in a way that’s very stressful,” Twenge says. While your instinct is to assume that she hates you, think of reasons that are more plausible. Maybe she’s in the middle of something at work, driving or out of battery power.


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