• 4 Reasons Why Fitness Leads to Better Sex

    Here's to a better sex drive!

    Another reason why fitness is important is well, because sex. In order to have good sex, it all comes down to your health. That’s right, if you want to go all night, you need to be fit physically and mentally. Here’s four more reasons to start your own workout routine for better sex.

    1. Better muscle strength

    Muscle cramps, fatigue and dehydration can happen during sex and that can come in between you and your partner. What you need to be is relaxed during sex. Muscle strength means better sexual performances because sex requires strength and muscle endurance. It also increases flexibility. Having flexibility opens your way to various interesting positions to try. *wink wink*


    1. Hormones work better

    Exercising pumps up all your active hormones mainly testosterone, endorphins and adrenaline. Did you know that endorphins are released during running? It also stimulates sex hormones, keeping you feeling good during your passionate moments. According to psychologytoday.com, it elevates your mood and creates a feeling of calmness.


    1. Increased blood flow to genital area

    As stated in the fitness.com, studies shown that there is strong physiological component to better sexual performance after exercise. Increased blood flow will cause greater arousal in both men and women. Effective erections happen women who have tight vaginal muscle movements.


    1. Enhanced self-image

    A fit and healthy body results in you feeling good about yourself, and a heck lot of confidence! It’s not about a perfectly sculpted body, it’s the work in progress. You will feel sexier in bed. Ditch your insecurities with fitness. Being fit keeps you refreshed and active.


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