Avoid these habits for a better looking you!

    A little squeeze here, an itch-relieving rub there, we’re all guilty of giving in to bad skin habits. But just like anything else, small ‘mistakes’ add up, and accelerate the ageing process. Read on to find out how to avoid them before the damage can be permanent!


    1.Rubbing your eyes

    Besides causing your eyelids and overall eye area to swell up temporarily, rubbing your eyes can encourage wrinkling and break capillaries, leading to redness as well as unsightly blood clots. These cumulative effects can also add years to your face, making you look older than you really are.

    The Solution: Most ‘eye rubbers’ have dry eyes, which can be associated with an allergy. If you think this may be causing the itching, consult your doctor on which over-the-counter antihistamine to take. Been staring at the computer monitor all day? Try refreshing tired eyes by misting them or splashing some cool water on your face. Consider investing in a good eye cream to keep your under eye area firm, smooth, and hydrated.


    2.Biting your nails

    Nail biting is not only unattractive, it can also leave your nails weak and prone to peeling and splitting. The tearing off of protective layers -skin and cuticles -can result in the skin around your nails being exposed and leaving them brittle. Hence, preventing them from growing out smoothly.

    The Solution: An acrylic nail overlap may just be what you need to help nip nail biting in the bud. “The hard surface of acrylic nails can discourage nail biting,” says OPI sales and education manager Liz Ho. Your best bet however, is to just keep them short so there’s nothing to bite!


    3.Going to bed with makeup

    Makeup contains chemicals that can be harmful to the skin, especially if left overnight. “Leftover makeup, combined with bacteria from the day’s activities, can clog pores and result in breakouts,” says Ivie Tai, training manager at Thalgo. “It can also cause your skin to age much faster than it should,”.

    The Solution: The average facial cleanser is seldom enough to remove the grime and grease from your face completely. Follow up with a makeup remover that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet able to remove those last traces of makeup. If you’re wearing water-resistant makeup, it’s best to opt a makeup remover that’s formulated just for that, says Tai.


    4.Eating junk food

    A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that people who replaced a diet rich in refined sugar and flour with foods high in protein and whole grains developed fewer breakouts.

    The Solution: Try cutting out junk food from your diet and monitor how your skin reacts. One of the smartest way to eat for your skin is to follow a Mediterranean-style diet , which includes plenty of whole-grains, antioxidant-rich vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts, seafood, and very little dairy, meat and sugar. If you find it hard to restrain that sweet tooth of yours, then stack up on sugar-free gum to pop one in every time you feel like having something sweet. Chewing gum helps you keep your mind off your favourite snacks too!


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