Try these instant mood lifters this festive season!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re on a vacation or celebrating the festive season with the family and extended family, holiday stress is real. It can have you in overdrive, or even on edge if you don’t tackle it.  Here are three easy ways to fix holiday stress to feel refreshed and always ready for the party. 

    1. Try acupressure 


    This form of touch therapy works by releasing blocked energy that can cause fatigue, explains Chris Chinn, a spokesperson for the Acupressure Institute. When you feel yourself fading, apply a firm pressure to the “3-mile point”, so named because it’s said to give distance runners an extra 3 miles of energy. The spot is located in the depression between the shinbone and muscle -about four fingers below your kneecap and 1 inch to the outside of your shinbone. After one minute of pressing, repeat on the other leg.


    2. Chew a gum 

    Researchers aren’t sure why, but in one Australian study, chewing gum caused stress levels to dip by as much as 16%. To keep cavities at bay, look for gums that are sweetened with xylitol, a corn-derived sugar alcohol that research-proven to inhibit decay-triggering bacteria .


    3. Watch a comedy 


    Add Bridesmaids to your Netflix queue. Even the anticipation of watching a comedy raised mood-boosting endorphins by 27%  showed in a recent study.


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