Stay healthy and active with these tips!

    Although the Hari Raya holiday is just officially over, the festivity continues. You’re also probably on an extended holiday, and there are more get-togethers and open houses to go for. That means, more of those lemang, ketupat, rendang and the rest that the season brings. Regardless, there’s still always room to remain active or to practice moderation especially when it comes to holiday food. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from a complete derailment during your break and have a healthy raya holidays!


    1. Stay focused

    After all the hard work of maintaining or losing your weight during the fasting period, remind yourself that the pleasure of eating excessively is temporary whereas the pleasure of fitness and good health last forever. Aside from that, knowing where you are and where you want to be will ensure that you do not miss your workouts or balanced diet.


    2. Be active

    You may spend most of your time running around the house, entertaining guests or go out visiting. But try to squeeze in some light exercises for at least 30 minutes. Opt for a light cardio session or toning exercises. That doesn’t mean that you have to go out to the gym though – you can simply do it in your bedroom! Founder of Kia Kaha Fitness, Karen Siah suggested doing some crunches, pushups, mountain climbers and v-ups as a circuit. “Three sets of each is enough to work up a sweat.”


    3. Have a healthy platter

    Eating healthy during the festive season isn’t easy, especially when there’s heavy cooking involved. There is no harm in trying out every food that is served to you but try to stick to a healthy platter as much as you can. Load up on fruits, vegetables and protein.


    4. Don’t go out hungry

    When going out visiting, make sure to eat something at home before you leave. This will keep you half full and will discourage you from indulging on too much food. Also, it is best to keep a small serving to your plate as you will probably be eating again at the next house visit.


    5. Stay hydrated

    This means with plain water! It will help you to flush out toxins especially from those carbonated drinks and the sweet treats you cannot seem to decline. Pack yourself a bottle if you are too shy to ask for a glass!


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