For clean, safe and healthy water directly from the tap!

    Nu Skin Malaysia has just launched the EcoSphere Water Purifier, marking the company’s first foray into household product category. Using the i4 UltraPure technology, the water purifier makes regular tap water exceptionally clean and safe for consumption. 



    What is i4 UltraPure Technology?

    This 4-stage ultra purification technology is effective in eliminating 99.9999 percent of harmful toxin and impurities. The stages include:

    Stage 1: Larger particles such as dust, sand and sediment is removed by Polypropylene Pleated Prefiltration

    Stage 2: Compressed Activated Carbon Block removes organic contaminants, chemicals, chlorine, lead and particulates.

    Stage 3: Polyether Sulfone (PES) Membrane eliminates residual microbiological contaminants.

    Stage 4: Final stage Cold Cathode Lamp UV Light completely eliminates and kills viruses, bacteria and cysts. The lamp does not require periodic replacement.


    The 3-in-1 cartilage that lasts up to 12 months and features easy, convenient replaceability. And, it only takes three minutes to twist, click and instal the purifier in your kitchen without any alterations to the faucet or sink areas. Nu Skin EcoSphere Water Purifier is available for RM4,147.00.


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