“I’d that say that once you go electronic, you can’t possibly return to the laborious act of manual tooth-brushing by choice. For one, an electronic toothbrush means you can relax a little as the motor does most of the work. Secondly, the result is just that prominent; your mouth feels so much cleaner and fresher. The vibrating bristles do more work than your free hand could ever do with a regular toothbrush in reaching in and around the hard corners, subsequently resulting in cleaner and whiter teeth. So yes, I’ve just upgraded myself to an electric toothbrush after trying out the Philips Sonicare Healthy White+.

    The package for this review was timely as I was already thinking of switching to an electronic toothbrush from years of using a battery-operated one. I knew that the transition was for better oral care but wasn’t entirely sure on which product to settle on from the many in the market. So when this came up, I just caved in!

    The set comes with a handle, a DiamondClean standard brush head, a charger and a travel case. Just click on the brush head to the handle and you’re set to go. Although I’m still struggling to get a good grip of the toothbrush handle, the brushing itself is a breeze; I don’t have to do much apart from slowly moving the small brush from side to side. It comes in three intensities; low, medium, high (up to 62,000 brush strokes per minute), and a 2-minute timer which is the dental professional recommended brushing time. It’s also easy to forget that this is a rechargeable toothbrush because I haven’t recharged it in 3 weeks, and the Lithium ION battery life is still fine. So, if you’re going for a short trip, you can actually pack this up without the charger and save some space in that luggage.

    The toothbrush has two modes – Clean and White, to promote plaque and surface stain removal while brightening and polishing the teeth. But it also allows you to mix and match modes and 3 intensities for maximum comfort and your best clean. All I can say is that my mouth felt cleaner and teeth whiter with reduced plaque in just a few days of using it. The stubborn stains on my lower central incisors which are actually my baby teeth (yes, I still have mine!) have faded so much that they almost match the rest of my teeth, colour-wise . There is a two-year limited warranty for this product too!” – Jay Jayaraj, deputy editor.


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