Find out how to burn calories while taking a break!

    Taking a play-cation means adding some fun to your travel itinerary. It has promises of  you returning home stronger, leaner, and totally calm. Pick a paradise where you can hike, take a surf lesson, or see what rock-climbing is all about. The benefits abound.


    1.Your body moves better


    “You’re at ease on vacation, so your muscles are more relaxed -especially those in the shoulders and lower back”, says Paul J. Arcerio, a professor of health and exercise sciences at Skidmore College. That adds up to moving more fluidly, Arcerio says, putting you in prime condition for taking on a big day of action during a play-cation.


    2.You tap forgotten muscles


    With unfamiliar physical activity, you have to work harder to keep up with the challenges, burning more calories an firming more muscle fibers, Arcerio says. “If you’re a runner, you engage in a linear movement pattern, but when you’re climbing, water-skiing, or surfing, you’re moving outside the pathway, and that’s really valuable to take home, because life happens in more than one plane of motion”.


    3.You’ll find your happy place


    Hit one of the “blue-zones” -the five areas in the world (including adventure-friendly Caribbean and Mediterranean regions) where  people live the longest, happiest lives, and you’ll get to experience the active lifestyle responsible for their bliss. “When you see exercise as an enjoyable part of life rather than something you need to check off, you do more of it and get more feel-good, life-extending benefits because of it,” says Kelli Ricco, the wellness and fitness coordinator for the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica.


    4.You’ll return refreshed


    “An adventure trip requires intense focus on the adventure itself,” explained Art Markman, a psychology professor at the University of Texas and the author of Smart Thinking. “That immersive experience provides psychological distance from that daily stresses of life, so you’re able to really, deeply relax”.


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