• Relationship Issue: Complacency

    Over time, it’s normal for passion to fizzle, sex to occur less frequently, and adventure to be replaced with comfort and convenience. “But that doesn’t mean adults can’t still get excited about each other,” says Hauser. “They just may need to work a little harder to get that sense of spontaneity and feeling of infatuation back in their lives.”

    Make it work: get back up
    Just as brainstorming with your colleagues helps you see a work project in a whole new light, spending time with other couples allows you to view your partner through a fresh lens. In fact, a Wayne State study suggests that double dates are even more effective at rekindling romance than a candlelit dinner for two.

    Turns out, listening to another couple laugh at your boyfriend’s jokes or gush about how cute you are together help validate your romantic emotions, making you feel closer and renewing your feelings of passionate love, the researchers explain. Invite along a couple that you both feel comfortable with and are happy to be around, says Hauser – and save some time for just the two of you once you’ve bid them good night.

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