Another RSH for your shopping!

    Royal Sporting House (RSH), the leading distributor and retailer for sports, golf, active lifestyle and fashion products has launched yet another new store, complete with a new layout at Sunway Velocity Mall. So, it’s another place for you to shop for your sports gear! 


    The new look

    The store boasts a brand new layout, complete with eye catching window display, new fixtures and signage, and a new store format with an improved presentation that is easy to navigate, all with the aim to create a brand new shopping experience for customers and an atmosphere that is both inviting and stimulating.

    The industrial-styled open ceilings, grey pelmets and walls, as well as concrete flooring were chosen to reflect a modern but tough and sporty feel, which reflects the brand perfectly. The striking all-black painted interior and shoe wall display now gives the store an entirely new look as oppose to it’s usual array of sneaks.

    So, now. Let’s get shopping!


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