• She Said: Forget Dinner and a Movie

    That only means it is time to spice up your dating game.

    Think outside the flowers and chocolate filled box to revamp date night and your relationship. Here, Kit Rich, celebrity fitness expert and health/fitness writer, shares her top picks for how to spend time with your significant other.

    1. Mountain Climbing

    Bring your date to new heights with mountain climbing. Trying new things (even if they scare you) will bring you closer together –not to mention the breathtaking scenery and the killer workout you’ll get. No peaks on your horizon? Try and indoor rock wall.

    2. Tourist for a day

    Buy a map and hit the road to explore all the great things your city has to offer. Whether it’s an amazing view, farmer’s market or museum, you’ll discover the fun things about where you live and each other.

    3. Cooking class

    Sure, the way to a man’s heart is through a man’s stomach –but who says you’ll have to do all the cooking? Spice up an anniversary or Saturday night with a class that gets you both in the kitchen. You can master your favourite dish or add a new plate to your menu (homemade sushi anyone?).

    4. Charity run/walk

    Sign up for a 5K for your favourite foundation. Invite friends and family to join and make it a group event. By turning your love for each other towards those in need, you’ll build an even more meaningful connection.

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