Spice things up in the bedroom with these moves!

    It may get boring overtime if you don’t make the effort to spice up your sex life with exciting moves. Chances are you’ve already known and tried various techniques but have resorted to the old ways as time went by. Bring back steam to your usual bedroom antics with these sexy techniques. 


    1. Fun with Bubbles


    Doing it standing up may sound uncomfortable, but it works to your advantage in tight spaces such as the shower stall. As he leans back against the wall, grasp him around the neck; this gives you support too. Then, let gravity do its thing!


    2. Get in Sync


    Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) speeds up your orgasm by stimulating your clit. As he positions himself on top of your body and enters you, his pelvic bone should align with yours. Use up and down rocking movement. It’s awkward at first, but once you’ve found your rhythm? Fireworks, baby.


    3. Sexy Rider

    woman on top

    Be in control of the pace, motion and depth of penetration for an oh-so-satisfying G-spot stimulation by opting for the woman-on-top position. Straddle him with your knees as he’s laying face-up. Plus, in this position, he’s able to lie back, and watch you in all your glory!


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