These tips will help you survive the Selangor plastic ban!

    Now that Selangor has gone plastic-free starting this month, you’re either already prepared for this or still trying to get used to the changes. No plastic bags when you’re shopping and polystyrene container ban may seem quite tough at first but think about it; it’s for the greater good. Here are some tips on how you can survive this plastic ban without much fuss! 


    1.Carry your own shopping bags

    You’ve probably already thought of this one yourself, but it’s more complicated that you think. A canvas tote bag, a messenger bag, or even a backpack, which one should you be carrying? We say bring with you whatever that works best for you. Tend to have an 8GB memory? Invest in a synthetic tote or sling bag that compresses into their own attached stuff sack and voila, problem solved!


    2.Shop in bulk

    The bigger the bulk, the more you’ll save in packaging, and your bank account will also be happier. Keep a lookout for ‘buy 2, free 1’ deals to make the most out it (but also be sure to buy only what you really need). What’s more, you’ll also save up on fuel as you won’t have to drive to the store every week or so. How’s that for going green!


    3.Carry containers for takeouts or leftovers

    Carry your own stainless steel container or tiffin the next time you’re heading out. Not only is it great for takeouts, it’s helpful for leftovers too, especially in places that don’t provide containers for your leftovers such as IKEA. Packing up leftovers ensures that you’ll have something to digest for your next  meal, and that also means no cooking for the day!


    4.Say no to bottled water

    Bottled water, especially plastic ones, is perhaps the number one product that contains plastic (or in this case, contained in plastic) that you tend to purchase. It might seem impossible to say no to this, especially after you’ve been out the whole day in today’s heat. Plus, most bottled water is simple filtered water, so why not bring your own with you the next time you’re heading out? Invest in a good reusable stainless steel bottle or tumbler, and you’re good to go.


    5.Bring containers for grocery shopping

    Yes, you read that right. Bringing your own shopping bag with you to the grocery store may seem sufficient, but what happens what you need to grab a couple of fruits or meat? Fruits (like grapes and cherries) might get squished amidst all the other things, and dumping in meat would just make it worse. So carry a container (or containers) with you and ask the butcher to help pack those meat in. All you do next when you get home is to stuff those containers into the fridge if you’re not using the food immediately!


    6.Keep reusable food-ware in the office

    Avoid bringing disposable cups, plates, utensils and even polystyrene by keeping your own reusable food-ware in the office. Invest in a good stainless steel tiffin set and bring it with you the next time you’re thinking of tapau’ing that nasi goreng next to your office.


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