Have your very own vacation sex at home with these tips!

    The break from reality will naturally heats things up, which is why vacation sex is always great. But that doesn’t mean you can only enjoy it on getaways. Read on and find out how you can re-create that passion in the comfort of your own bedroom. 


    1. Generate some good buildup

    One key thing vacation sex has going for it is the anticipation factor, says Vanessa Marin, a licensed psychotherapist specialising in sex. Research shows that when we look forward to something, our brains release dopamine, a hormone that increases desire. You can create the same eagerness at home just by planning for it. This means loosely deciding it’ll definitely happen tonight, then during the day musing on it the upcoming fun, fantasizing, getting excited. You create a sense of longing that will unleash as passion in the moment.


    2. Get your head in the game

    It’s much easier to enjoy sex when you’re not stressed out -a fact we all know well. No problem when you’re kicking back on a beach or in the mountains. But at home? Where you’ve got work, chores and bills to deal with? Not so easy. To tame your tension so you can relax and let go, turn off your phone, for starters. If baths are your thing, take a long one to chill out. Or maybe spend time with partner talking, listening to music, or watching a movie together to decompress. When things start to heat up, you’ll both feel calmer and closer, setting the stage for greatness.


    3. Make it all about you

    When you’re on holiday, pleasure is the first and foremost, which may explain why women are more likely to put their own gratification at the top of the list when they’re away. The results: fireworks. There’s no reason not to prioritize yourself at home too, with frequent pampering: Book a massage after work, or sleep in on the weekend. Little indulgences will make you feel giddy and good about yourself, and that leads to steam.


    4. Be bold

    “Vacation sex is hot because you’re in a new place, and novelty is proven to create excitement,” says Amy Jo Goddard, a sexual-empowerment coach and author of Woman on Fire. Even at home you can find new ways to potential: Have sex on the bathroom counter, do it mid-afternoon on the couch, use a fun toy or lube. Anything that’s out of the ordinary will turn up heat.


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