• 5 Minutes With Rachel Lim

    Rachel Lim talks about the inspiration behind Love, Bonito, her fitness routine, and shares her beauty tips!

    Who is Rachel Lim? She’s the co-founder of Love, Bonito and the woman responsible for making us, fitness bunnies, super fashionable (while staying comfy) with the the brand’s latest activewear line! Go check it out right here, you won’t regret it. So, we decided to sit her down for 5 minutes to learn more about the woman behind the gorgeous outfits.

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    1. What was the inspiration behind the Love, Bonito Activewear collection?
    It was to create fun, versatile, and comfortable activewear for the women of today. Putting on a piece of well-made apparel can give us a boost of confidence and that’s why I feel that it’s essential to wear something that makes us feel better while working out.

    2. What are your favourite pieces?
    I love the Riley crop hoodie, and all the tights (Lola Capri, Oreta Mesh Panel Crop, and the Kalyca Mesh Panel). Just mix and match and you’re good to go.

    3. What do you like to do to keep fit?
    I practise Pilates and do circuit training about four times a week.

    4. Could you describe an average day at the office?
    I’ll come in and clear my emails, catch up with my teams, have lunch with them, attend meetings, and take some time to review the work that has been done.

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    5. What would usually be able to find you doing over the weekend (or whenever you can take a breather from work)?
    Reading, feasting, and spending time with loved ones!

    6. Do you have a diet to stick to?
    No, not really. I work out to pig out. (*side note: Rachel’s a woman after our own hearts!)

    7. Any makeup tips to share?
    Always keep your face and lips moisturised.

    8. How do you keep your skin in tip-top condition as you’re always on the go?
    I try to use a mask whenever possible, and make sure that my skin is moisturised (especially on a plane!).

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