Two days before this photo shoot at the SHAPE studio, the SHAPE Malaysia Fit Girl winner, Gillian Benjamin sent us a photograph of herself with this message – “Is it okay if I turn up like this for the shoot?”. The image was of a seated Gillian, with a large bruise on her right knee. Despite that, she had her signature big smile on her face, with the hands out in peace gestures. “Of course, it’s okay” was our reply. 

    So, on the shoot day, Gillian arrived with the same bright smile. But she was limping while moving about using a crutch. Turned out, she had injured her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during the Papar 7s Rugby Challenge the week before.


    Even then, Gillian was calm and positive about it.

    “It will heal in a few weeks but I’m getting a surgery done to fix it so I will be able to run again. Sports injuries are expected, but we get it fixed and move on,” she said.  With that, Gillian had that infectious positivity going on throughout the shoot.

    WATCH HERE the behind the scenes during the cover shoot!


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