This is what Nana has to say about fitness!

    Wellness is a balance between working out and eating well in order to create a healthy body and mind. Here, fitness athlete and model Nana Haleq talks about how she balances her workout with food to achieve just that. 


    What is fitness to you?

    It’s about being able to move the way I desire or required of me without restrictions. Fitness is also a form of meditation for me as it makes me happy and relaxed. It is also my personal self-discoveryplatform to see my potentials in what I can do. I am able to better understand my body and its functions and fitness also completes me in so many ways.


    How does food complement your fitness?

    I eat a well-balanced diet and pay attention to macronutrients. I keep my food simple and avoid foods that I’m intolerant to. A typical meal for me consists of protein ranging from 200g of white meat per serving, heaps of green leafy vegetables and a small amount of good fats such as olive oil, virgin coconut oil or organic butter. I keep my carbohydrate intake after a workout and on the fourth meal which is usually 2-3 hours after a workout. I eat five times a day to meet my required macro.


    What does exercise do for you?

    It strengthens me and gives me the body I want while making me strong with confidence. I used to be a skinny girl at 42kg, with no curves. But now, I have curves at the right places because of the exercises that I do. In my case, I find it hard to put on muscle mass so I have to continuously work towards my goal, eat enough to sustain my gains. Although, I’m able to stay lean all year round, I still need to keep my diet and food clean. Exercise helps me to sculpt my figure!


    How does Clarins Body Fit complement your fit lifestyle?

    I’ve been using Body Fit since it was known as Body Lift Cellulite Control. It complements my lifestyle very well as it helps me to stay in better shape by keeping me away from cellulite. I also like how Body Fit applications go with mini exercise routine to promote and further assist results. It works well with my active lifestyle. I also like its texture, scent and the way it makes me feel (fresh and light), and that it actually addresses my concerns. I can feel and see the difference in just one week. My skin is firmer and lifted, especially around the lower tummy area! My concern was quite minor, where I want to get slightly tighter skin around waist down areas and Body Fit helped me achieve what I wanted.



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