Steal these tried-and-tested Meghan Markle tips!

    The sassy attorney on USA’s Suits, who has just announced her engagement to Prince Henry of Wales (popularly known as Prince Harry), is more than just a beauty with brains. We love Meghan Markle’s dedication in caring for herself, and her health and wellness philosophy. Here, she shares with SHAPE her clean-eating diet plan and how she gets her energy (hint: it’s not from coffee), and her on-set beauty tips and tricks. 


    1. Energy-boosting green smoothies

    It’s definitely green juices for Meghan when she’s looking for an energy boost, especially when she’s maintaining erratic hours during shoots.

    “Going for coffee or anything like that will end up hurting you. So, I’m trying to get real good source of energy – something that gets right into your system, something that is a nice pick-me-up…have to just make the right food choices,” she says in a video interview.


    2. Runs and hot yoga for the mind and body

    There’s nothing complicated in Meghan’s workout routine as she keeps to running and hot yoga, specifically Moksha yoga – which is a type of hot yoga. She runs to keep her mind clear as much as she does it to keep in shape.

    “I love running but you really have to find a workout routine that really speaks to you beyond trying to get goals for your body.  I do a lot of yoga, hot yoga, Moskha yoga specifically and pilates,” she says. And, she’s self-motivated too as she does her workouts at home, through DVDs with her favourite Tracy Anderson workout plans. “I do all on my own. I go for run by myself, and I think if you can self-motivate, that’s half the battle (won),” she adds.

    When she’s pressed for time during shoots, Meghan find snippets of time in between shoots to get the job done.

    “You can do a 15-minute workout. I do it in my trailer. You just have to find those little bits of time, and at the end of the day, you’ve had a full workout,” she adds.


    3. Eating clean consistently

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    It’s really about eating clean for Meghan. She tries to eat as clean as possible, and avoids the things that are going to make her feel lethargic or sluggish. Eating mostly, fish and veggies, Meghan is also a big foodie. To keep her balance, she indulges on the weekends so she doesn’t deprive herself of anything.

    “On the weekends, all bets are off. For me, it’s just finding that balance; eating really good during the week, and then treating yourself to whatever you want over the weekend. I love fries. But then you finds ways to keep it healthful. So, I have sweet potato fries, or I bake them.

    “I definitely love good Italian and Mexican food. I love to cook. So everyday, I’m cooking something. Even if it’s just a pesto that I can put in the fridge and eat later in the week, or any little component, that you can take some pride in, I think it’s really important versus going out to eat,” she says.

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    4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    Meghan’s number one beauty trick is a no secret.

    “Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. Your skin will look better and everything will look really good,” she says.

    And, she’s a firm believer (and user) of coconut oil.

    “I’ve been using a lot of coconut oil of late on my skin, my hair, as a deep conditioner, and even to cook with. So, I guess that’s the second thing,” she adds.

    As for an actual beauty product, Meghan’s trick is a concealer as “it will save on the days that you haven’t gotten quite enough sleep”.


    5. Be #shapeproud

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    “Being in shape means feeling confident, being as healthy as you are, and I guess it’s owning just whatever is it that you have. I think being happy with your size, and being kind to yourself – that’s part of being in shape too. Just own where you are,” says Meghan.

    We agree! And we think that with this healthy-living routine, she won’t have to work as hard to look like a glowing bride on her big day. We can’t wait for the pictures! Congrats, Meghan and Harry!


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