• Fitness Chat with Nadia Heng

    This emcee and TV host loves the outdoors and is serious about sustainability. She is also a firm believer in clean eating and has a glow to prove it!

    What’s your 3FOOTUNIVERSE project all about? “I borrowed the phrase from a book. It refers to the title sphere around over which you can actually have an impact on. As far as my website goes, it’s a space where I share some of my passions, interests and anything that’s close to my heart.”

    What do you love about emceeing or hosting? “I really think that both of these jobs offer terrific opportunities to learn and expand my horizons and further my steps out of my comfort zone. An example, recently I hosted a food show, experimenting on new dishes and I find much gratification in treading new territories.”

    How do you keep fit? “My workouts usually consist of a 5km run, a HIIT session or a swim in the pool. Three years ago, I decided to make it a point to really keep track of the days by jotting down in my little diary what I did in a day, along with a number to keep me motivated. Just scribbling down numbers makes a lot of progress!”

    What’s your diet like? I start by preparing my own meals at home and buying fresh produce. It’s good to know exactly what goes in you and to be able to control the portions. I also love using natural ingredients like herbs, garlic, ginger, onion and spices to add flavour to my meals. Of course, having diversity in your diet is important, as well as allowing yourself a little cheating here and there, but in moderation.”

    Best place you’ve been to? Florence has got to be one of the prettiest places I have ever been to! I went one year in late summer. I would wake up early and head out for a run. To me, that is definitely one of the best ways to explore the city. And speaking of it, I love nature, the ocean and our tiny blue planet. To me, I think it’s really important that we live in tandem with nature and to stop working against it. Maybe it’s because I grew up outside of the big city, always near the water or a natural habitat.”

    Any beauty advice? I think the most beautiful people are happy people. So do what makes you happy, surround yourself with good people and let your laughter and natural glow shine through. Also, I am a huge believer in beautifully-shaped eyebrows! I love how it works to shape your face and enhance your natural features. So if you aren’t sold on it yet, give it a go!”

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