• Women For The Win!

    It shouldn’t just be today, everyday should be a reason to celebrate women.

    The world has become a colourful place to live in, thanks to women who are breaking uncharted barriers, fighting for gender equality and nurturing intellectual future generations.

    In conjunction with International Women’s Day, we have rounded up some of our Malaysian women from the sports industry purely for their badassery!

    Farah Ann Abdul Hadi –Artistic Gymnast

    At just 21 years of age, she made Malaysia jump for joy by winning two gold medals. But it wasn’t an easy feat. She fought the odds of sexism and stood bravely (and gracefully) against the harsh judgments. She proved that being degraded for wearing a sexy leotard wasn’t going to bring her down- and it didn’t. Farah has been focusing on her future goals and stays fit with morning gym sessions. On her Facebook post, she mentioned that being an athlete is her full time job and she loves working towards it. Go Farah Ann!

    Leona Chin- Motorsport Athlete

    We’ve all watched the video of a nerdy girl playing a prank on a few driving instructors (If you haven’t, we recommend you to do so).  That’s right, Leona Chin is our very own fast and furious. She has been in Motorsports since 2006. On her website, Leona mentioned that growing up she has always been interested in sports. Her mother has been her great support. Leona keeps herself healthy by drinking water, eating fruits and never forgetting her morning walks. Rev like her!

    Datuk Nicol David- Professional Squash Player

    A World Champion Women’s Squash Player, she has brought the sport and this country to limelight with her numerous gold medals! Nicol David is now campaigning for #MAKEAPROMISE, collaborating with Louis Vuitton and Unicef to help children in need all over the world. She’s definitely a great example for all.

    Pandalela Rinong- Diver

    This girl can dive like a dolphin! She became the first Malaysian female athlete to win a medal in Olympics after Badminton. She also made the nation proud when she became Malaysia’s first female flag bearer at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. She is now diving her way to Rio for the 2016 Olympics!

    Yamini Gopalasamy- Karate

    She might look like an Indian princess but her kick blows! She won silver medal at the 2010 Asian Games and a gold medal for 2012 Southeast Asian Games under Karate Kumite. She is not just a role model to many young school girls but also trains them to kick ass!

    Ann Osman- Mixed Martial Arts

    Another woman in the men dominated sports of Mixed Martial Arts. If looks could kill, wait until you see her throw some punches. And boy, does she look good doing it.  She was the first Malaysian woman to compete in One Fighting Championship, one of the biggest MMA events. She has a background of Muay Thai martial arts.

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